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Explore kids’ rugs in exciting designs and vibrant colors

When furnishing a kids’ room, hard furnishings like cribs, glider rockers, and changing tables are some of the first things you may make note of. However, soft furnishings like kids’ rugs are also significant in creating a sense of space and adding comfort to your little one’s room. Bare hardwood or concrete flooring is definitely not a wise decision when it comes to a nursery as it can cause accidents that you can avoid simply by placing kids’ carpets. Kids’ play rugs are the ideal spot for them to play, crawl, and roll around without fearing getting hurt. Apart from functionality, kids’ room rugs are also a great way to add color, texture, and interesting forms to catch the attention of your young one. From cartoon figures to bright colors and exciting shapes, Jaipur Rugs’ UAE kids’ rugs collection will make you want to do over the nursery over and over again as your kid grows.

How to choose the right kids’ rug

When looking for kids’ carpets online, make sure to have the measurements of the kids’ room layout first. You want the kids’ rug to be big enough for them to play and also for the furniture to be placed on it, otherwise, the rug loses its purpose. Stains should also be one of your top determiners when it comes to choosing the kind of material and weave of the rug. Rugs with bold designs woven in wool are one of the best choices. This is because the bold designs will help hide any irreparable stain and the wool makes the rug easier to clean but also super soft, natural, and comfortable. Shag rugs are also a great option because of their high pile, no-shed, and super-soft underfoot comfort.

When it comes to the design, the choice depends on whether you want to go for a juvenile look or one that can be placed in the room even when your kid becomes a young adult. Sophisticated patterned rugs in a soothing yet exciting color palette are a great option as they are more versatile than cartoon design rugs. However, if you want your nursery to reflect the growing stages of your kid, you can opt to layer rugs as well on a super comfy, practical wool area rug that provides the perfect amount of comfort while the rug layered on it adds excitement and color. Kids’ room rugs are hands down one of the best ways to create a space for your little one that they feel comfortable and love to spend time in.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy kids’ rugs

The range of styles, sizes, and materials we have in store, all handmade by skilled artisans in India, is bound to make your home feel a little more alive and full of life when you bring home a Jaipur Rugs creation. Our collection of kids’ rugs which we make keeping not just childrens’ preferences in mind but also its maintenance and durability.

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