white and ivory rugs

Pure and peaceful, white is timeless. It is elegant and can be used as a foundation for other colors, or to calm the space. It is a comforting color that can be either vivacious or soothing.

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white and ivory rugs

Ivory rugs - Add a pinch of elegance to your space

Unadulterated and soothing, ivory exudes serenity. So what if you get a chance to pick an ivory rug for your space? It is one of the best picks to fill your room with light. Ivory provides the perfect base for every setting. It is rich and can be utilized as an establishment for different shadings, or to quiet the space. An encouraging shading that can be either enthusiastic or calming, ivory works best in supplement to the ideal feeling of the room. It functions admirably in the family room and bedroom.

Discover ivory carpets in different sizes, shapes, and shadings because there is something for everybody. You could likewise consider getting a carpet on the off chance that you have high roofs or need more inclusion. Area carpets come in all shapes and sizes, as well, so it is not difficult to observe one that would function admirably with your space. You will not be disappointed if you select a comfy ivory rug in silk or a big white area carpet for your living room. It will instantly add a pinch of charm to your space. Jaipur rugs have a huge range of ivory rugs available in all kinds of materials. Be it a warm shag ivory rug for your reading nook or hand-knotted wool for your living room, you can find all of it available.

Style with Ivory rugs

White area rugs or ivory rugs can be used to highlight a space. When it comes to styling your space with ivory rugs most of us are worried about it rapidly turning dirty. Just like other rugs, this is also easy to clean. One can also choose wool and jute since they are normal filaments that oppose soil. They're likewise simple to keep clean by vacuuming routinely and spot cleaning on a case-by-case basis.

Ivory rugs are also good with layering. So if you want to pair it with a plain rug then ivories are the best. Regardless of whether you want to style your space as moderate or maximal, we have various white carpets in an assortment of styles and surfaces so don’t need to worry to track down the ideal rug for your space!

Why choose ivory rugs from Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs is known for its timeless craftsmanship rooted in seamless quality. Our designs are one of a kind and stand out among others in the market. All our rugs are made by the artisans from the rural parts of India by skilled weavers who have been practicing their respective crafts for a long time. Each ivory rug is a testament to the legacy of handloom. Give your space an identity with these rugs that oozes elegance and panache. It will complement your abode if you have a number of colorful elements in your space. There is something unique about a white carpet. It is peaceful, radiates smoothness, and occupies your room with light, making it look great too. Be it a very extravagant and comfortable grayish mat in silk or a major ivory rug that covers your lounge room from one finish to another, you won't be baffled at how ivory can in a split second add a portion of appeal to your space.

We merge our artisan’s craftsmanship with modern services and an easy online shopping experience to make your experience absolutely seamless. We keep pushing our boundaries and experimenting with our designs.


Bring home handmade heirlooms from the remotest corners of rural India. We believe in giving complete assistance to our customers by providing rug care and expert rug advice.

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Jaipur rugs

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