green rugs

Balanced and soothing, green reminds us of nature and helps us to feel calm and grounded. Rich greens feel lusher and more verdant while bright and light greens are energetic in their appeal. Read More


green rugs

Why buy green rugs?

Associated with calmness, tranquility, and health, green is more than just a color. It is the color of nature and is vivid, intense, and lush. When added to your home decor, the color green can add a wonderful surprise in the form of a splash of color. And if you are afraid to take the leap of introducing a bold color, there are multiple softer shades you can choose from. But, if you are someone whose favorite color is green, start building your home decor from green rugs to set a theme and tone for the rest of the elements. A green carpet will instantly breathe life into your room and make it come alive beautifully. No matter what shade of green you have in mind, you can find them at Jaipur Rugs. Just apply the color filter for buying green rugs online, and you will be left spoilt for choice with hundreds of options. We have green rugs for sale in every style, design, pattern, material, and size to suit every style of home decor.

How to style green rugs?

Our collection of green rugs features everything from flatweave, shaggy, to exquisite hand-knotted rugs in styles that span from modern to traditional, and everything in between. It is only a matter of what your home decor demands. From deep emerald shades to jade greens, new leaf colors to dark green rugs, every room could benefit visually from a green rug. If you are going for a monotone all-green look, we say opt for different shades, hues, and warmth of green. If your walls are dark green, keep your rug on the lighter spectrum, and vice versa. You can opt for patterns in your tapestries like the couch or curtains, and add surprises in texture and volume. You can also add other complementing colors like golden hues, blues, greys, and browns, among others if you are not too keen on a monotone palette.

If you still can’t find just the shade of green you are looking for, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to customize your rug from scratch with Jaipur Rugs. You can design your rug, choose the color, size, and material or just customize the size of your chosen rug as per your room’s measurements. If you design it from scratch, you will be collaborating creatively with our weavers and artisans who will help bring to life your dream rug that is solely your own, one-of-a-kind in the world.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy green rugs

When looking for green rugs online, why look beyond Jaipur Rugs? We have an extensive collection of green rugs on sale that cover the gamut of styles, patterns, sizes, and materials. They come in a range of prices to fit every budget. Our green rugs, just like every other Jaipur Rugs creation, are handcrafted in India by artisans who have inherited this craft knowledge from their ancestors. They lend authenticity and ingenuity along with bewitching craftsmanship that never fails to amaze. Jaipur Rugs acts as a platform to connect these rural artisans to the global audience and give their priceless skills a bigger platform.

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