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living room rugs

Since our carpets are manufactured of high-quality materials, you can be sure that they will be both fashionable and long-lasting. We also provide a huge selection of patterns and styles, allowing you to make the ideal rug that will liven up your living area. Why not purchase a Silk Rug if you're seeking an opulent and sophisticated carpet for your living room? Silk oriental rugs from Jaipur are widely available and ideal for both bedrooms and living areas. These carpets are not only exquisite but also highly strong and require little upkeep. Jaipur also has a fantastic collection of silk rugs for an even more cutting-edge and modern appearance. Silk rugs are substantially lighter than wool rugs since they are constructed of a fine, light fabric. They are ideal for living rooms with a contemporary feel because they are also significantly more opulent and magnificent.

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living room rugs

The layout and decor of the living room are the ultimate reflections of your design aesthetics. One of the key design elements playing a major role, in this case, is the living room rugs. Your choice of living room mats does all the talking to exhibit your personal taste and make the decor more personalized. Let’s explore the best range of living room rugs.

Best Carpets for Living Room Online in UAE

From a modern carpet to a traditional floor mat for the living room, you can find the best match in this intricately detailed decor element online. The selection of the best living room rugs does not only depend upon your design sensibilities but the design language of the space as well.

Jaipur Rugs offer you a plethora of options in the categories of not only living room rugs but outdoor carpets, kitchen mats, and bedroom rugs as well. You can pick from endless styling options and select the best carpets for your living rooms that aren’t only stylish but extremely utilitarian as well.

Different Types of Living Room Rugs

From modern carpets for living rooms to traditional hand-knotted living room rugs, let’s look into the different types of rugs based on their weaving methods.

Hand Knotted

Hand-knotted living room rugs are worked upon with special looms with olden techniques. The carpets for the living room are woven inch by inch and knot by knot.

Hand Tufted

Hand-tufted living room mats are fine craftsmanship work of woolen strands punched into the canvas. Jaipur Rugs offer a traditional yet modern range composed of wool and viscose in its Concoction series.

Hand Loom

Handloom living room rugs are woven into vertical rooms and have undefined edging. The Acar range by Jaipur Rugs offers lustily intricate designs exuding an unparalleled shine.

Flat Weaves

Without knots or tuft, flat weaves are woven on a loom. The Anatolia and Heritage series of Jaipur Rugs offer the finest flat weaves of living room rugs.


Joined with patches of different colors and styles, these living room rugs bring a one-of-its-kind charm to the room. Browse through the Lacuna and Provenance series in carpets for living room for one of the best designs.


Shag living room rugs are extremely textured in their appearance and soft to the touch. Explore the Nadia and Anatolia range for modern carpets for living room.

Latest Living Room Rugs by Jaipur Rugs UAE

Jaipur Rugs has in its stock the most exquisite collection of living room rugs. With styles ranging from vintage to modern carpets for living room, you can select from a sea of options to curate your desired interior decor theme.

Explore the Mythos range for the finest hand-tufted range or bring an abstract decor element with the Genesis range. Jaipur Rugs offer living room rugs designs that stay trendy and add comfort to the space.



What type of carpets is best for the living room?

Consider the idea of introducing a big carpet for living room composed of durable material. Living room rugs can be the ultimate beauty enhancer of the room they also have to be sturdy enough to bear the traffic. Opt for the best look for living room rugs in wool, polyester, or viscose.

What color carpet is best for the living room?

It could be a blue carpet living room for a dramatic touch or a subtle grey carpet for muted tones. The only key while picking the colour of living room rugs is that it has to complement the rest of the design.

What size rug should you put in the living room?

The carpet size for living room is decided by the area of the room. For a spacious layout, you can opt for a large living room rug size or keep it compact for smaller spaces. The ideal size, however, ranges from 8’X10’ to 9’X12’.

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