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round rugs


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Break the monotony of your room with round rugs

Looking to change some things around your house and interesting elements that will arrest your guests’ attention? There are many ways for you to lend your personality to your space in a way that also aligns with your decor goals. A fantastic piece of art, a piece of vintage furniture, or a family heirloom for you to boast of- the choices are many. However, there are very few things that will break up the monotony of your room like round rugs. You will notice that almost all indoor spaces have sharp right angles, enclosed within four walls. Round shape rugs are often used by interior designers to add a focal point in spaces where a square or rectangular rug just won’t do. This, besides complementing shapes that are architecturally circular in shape. You can use round area rugs to make small rooms appear larger and more open. Round carpets will help you soften the tight and sharp right angles and smoothen the aesthetic of the room. At Jaipur Rugs UAE, we have an exciting collection if you are looking to buy round rugs online. From solid ones in natural, muted hues to exciting prints and patterns that are designed to be the centerpiece of a room, you will find it all.

How you can add round rugs to your space

Wondering how to style a round rug in your room? We have a few tips that will help you make round carpets work for your home.

  1. You can use round shape rugs to place under a unique piece of furniture that you wish to highlight. Round rugs help create floating islands in your room that work great when you are looking to make something stand out.

  2. You can also use round area rugs in rooms or spaces that are built in a circular shape. Since these are rare to find, you shouldn’t waste the decor opportunity by not using round rugs. They will complement the uniqueness of the room and bring out its features. You can also place round rugs under circular furniture like a dining table. Don’t forget to make sure that your round rug is big enough to have all the legs of the furniture on it.

  3. If your decor is minimalistic, round rugs can add the perfect focal point and work as a center of attention for your space. Jaipur Rugs UAE has a number of eclectic ones for you to explore when you want to buy round rugs online. From eye-catching prints to soothing colors, there is a round rug for every home at Jaipur Rugs UAE.

Why buy round rugs from Jaipur Rugs

The range of styles, sizes, and materials at Jaipur Rug, all handmade by skilled artisans in India, is bound to make your home feel a little more alive and full of life when you bring home a Jaipur Rugs creation. At Jaipur Rugs, the quality of the rug, the livelihood of our artisans, and the satisfaction of our customers are some of our guiding objectives as we connect our rural artisans to customers throughout the globe. We are not just a rug manufacturing company from India. It is a family’s blessing and that is what we bring to you in the form of our handmade rugs.

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