wool silk rugs

Just saying the word silk is used to describe the softness and smoothness of any material. Merging it with the durable, sustainable and unique texture of wool brings character and it is the ideal choice for every space. Read More


wool silk rugs

Bring home the ultimate form of luxury with wool and silk rugs

Every homeowner knows the importance of having rugs in their home. They provide underfoot comfort, protect the floor, bring a unique sense of style and personality to the space, reduce noise, and so much more. And while the variety of rugs available is wide, there are few as luxurious as well as durable as wool and silk rugs. Made from a combination of wool and silk fibers, both natural, wool and silk area rugs provide unmatched comfort, style, and practicality to whichever space they are placed in. As far as designs go, Jaipur Rugs has a variety that will leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose from modern rugs to traditional rugs, transitional rugs as well tribal print rugs, and everything in between. At Jaipur Rugs, you will find wool and silk rugs online for every kind of home, decor style, as well as budget. As perfect for living rooms as they are for more private spaces like bedrooms, wool and silk carpets might just be what your home decor is lacking.

Advantages of buying wool and silk rugs

One might ask, why invest in wool rugs and silk rugs when there are cheaper alternatives available in the market? Besides bringing together the best of wool’s durability and silk’s luxury, wool and silk area rugs are also made from completely natural and renewable materials, making them a favorite amongst sustainability enthusiasts. The yarns of wool are durable and strong and wool rugs are often used in high traffic areas. It also has stain-resistant properties and feels soft underfoot. Combined with silk, yarns of which are soft and give off a luscious sheen, wool and silk carpets make for a combination made in rug heaven. Silk yarns also allow the finer design details to shine through in the rugs. You will find multiple style options, no matter what your decor theme or color palette is. From exclusive designer rugs made by creative masterminds from around the world to manchaha rugs designed and crafted by our artisans, the range is exciting. If you have a modern, urban home, you can experiment by bringing home a transitional rug to introduce traditional elements in the house while also maintaining the modernity of the space.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy wool and silk rugs

Wool and silk rugs are an investment but they are worth every penny of the price they come for due to their intricate designs and unparalleled craftsmanship, two things we at Jaipur Rugs celebrate as our prized possessions, thanks to the experienced weavers and artisans in our vast network all across India. We are not just a rug manufacturing company from India. Jaipur Rugs prides itself in making completely handcrafted rugs, knotted by skilled artisans from rural India. It is a family’s blessing and that is what we bring to you in the form of our handmade rugs.

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