handloom rugs

Our hand-loomed carpets are extraordinarily well-crafted and long-lasting and are created from the finest natural fibres. Since we take great pride in our weaving techniques and meticulous attention to detail, you can rely on your rug to stand the test of time and maintain its aesthetic appeal for many years to come. In Jaipur, traditional rugs come in a range of patterns, sizes, and hues. Choose from traditional Persian rugs to modern geometric designs to find something that suits your preferences and environment. In addition, Jaipur provides a selection of runners for use in entranceways and hallways. Our hallway runners are perfect for adding a touch of extra beauty to your path while also providing a safe, slip-resistant surface.

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handloom rugs

Any space needs a decorative touch to make it more inviting and comforting. Handloom rugs can prove to be the ultimate space makers with their exclusive look and soothing touch. The thin strands of threads are woven together to reveal a colourful and enticing picture. Handloom rugs online offer the best designs that promise to beautify your home.

Upgrade your home with our Beautiful Handloom Rugs to add Colour and Character

Handloom rugs are composed of a traditional method of weaving on vertical looms with the help of a mounted warp. The hand-loomed area rugs can bring a royal look to the home interiors with luxury-exuding designs and patterns.

With colours ranging from neutrals to bright blue carpets, these intricately detailed rugs can add character to the room. Pick amongst the options of handloom rugs online and accentuate the aesthetics of your home interiors. Ensure to opt for handloom carpet patterns that complement the design sensibilities followed in the home design. 

Choose from a wide variety of Hand Loomed Area Rugs at Jaipur Rugs UAE.

Jaipur Rugs offers the ultimate collection of handloom rugs that feature traditional, transitional, and modern carpets. You can select from the varying designs, patterns, and hues to find the best match for hand loomed shine rug that binds the look of the space together.

Woollen handloom rugs from Jaipur Rugs have one of the most delicate designs. The material is extremely durable to be added inside the home. Acar range of hand-loomed shine rugs is one of the best compositions of wool and bamboo silk. Whether looking for hand-loomed wool rugs or hand-loomed jute rug, Jaipur Rugs has it all. Jaipur Rugs has the widest range of woollen handloom rugs.

To keep the decor contemporary, Tesoro's range of hand-loomed wool rugs can be explored. This collection of handloom rugs features simply sophisticated gradient patterns. These woollen handloom rugs have a unique shiny look that doesn't compromise their strength. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy Handloom Rugs?

The carefully crafted designs in handloom carpet from Jaipur Rugs come with a promise of adding comfort and charm to the space. The brand features one of the best ranges of handloom rugs. From a heavily loaded floral hand loom rug for interiors to sturdy outdoor rugs, the brand caters to every home decor need. If you are looking for handloom rugs online for your space, look no further than Jaipur Rugs.

Jaipur Rugs are one of the pioneers across the globe in the home and office carpet industry. The company has collaborated with one of the best designers worldwide, like Vinita Chaitanya, Shantanu Garg, and Abin Chaudhuri, with their reliable offerings in hand-loomed area rugs.

One can expect anything and everything from hand-loomed jute rugs to a simple set of round carpets at Jaipur Rugs. It's the ultimate stop for all design enthusiasts to bring that one missing element into the space to build the desired look.



What is a hand-loomed rug?

Handloom rugs are designs woven with hands-on vertical looms. These hand-loomed area rugs don't have proper edges or sides. 

Is a hand-loomed rug good?

Your choice of handloom rugs can prove to be the best decision as there are incredibly durable. You can expect woollen hand-loomed rugs to stay for years without losing their charm. 

How do you make a hand-loomed rug?

The process of knitting hand-loomed area rugs feature tying threads together with the process of thin threading and leaving the sides without securing.

 What does the difference between hand-tufted and handloom?

While hand-tufted rugs come with canvas backing, the handloom rugs look similar on both sides. Handloom rugs can be woven in a few days, while hand-tufted or hand-knotted modern carpet takes much longer.

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Jaipur rugs

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