jute rugs

Find the ideal rug for your living space by browsing the large collection of jute rugs available in Jaipur right now. Area rugs are an excellent way to designate a spot in an open concept room, while graphic rugs bring colour and personality to any décor. No matter what you are looking for, Jaipur has something unique to offer. These pieces' superior craftsmanship guarantees their beauty for many years to come, and their reasonable prices make them available to practically everyone. Don't forget to look through the additional collections offered by Jaipur; you're sure to find something interesting there that strikes your eye. !

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jute rugs

As we step into the new-age world, we all desire sustainability in every corner of our homes. Jute rugs are one such element aiding in achieving the green approach in decor.

The natural rugs are soft in their texture and have an eye-pleasing look that imparts softness to the interiors. These are the perfect way to adorn the floors and, at the same time, add a texture of nature to modern living.

What are Jute Rugs, and how are they made?

Jute rugs are one of the most exemplary types of rugs made of natural jute fibres. Whether you’re looking for bedroom carpets or rugs for your kitchen, this material fits all the spaces. Jute rugs can either be hand-crafted or custom-made, where the process involves spinning, bundling, and softening the fibres.

The durability of the material makes it an ideal choice for home nowadays. The thick jute carpet lets you experience a plush cushion-essence beneath your feet. The natural strength, along with the weaves, takes them to the trending list in rugs.

Buy Natural Jute Rugs Online in UAE

Jaipur Rugs bring you an alluring range of jute rugs and carpets. You can pick from the plethora of options amongst traditional and modern designs, composing a classy style that will add texture and depth to any space.

The range of natural rugs by Jaipur Rugs has been used by sustainability-conscious designers all over the world. Whether it’s an office space requirement or home essentials, Jaipur Rugs can offer the finest collection with a varying price range that’ll have something exciting for each shopper of jute rug Dubai.

Types of Jute Carpets available at Jaipur Rugs UAE

You can pick amongst different shapes, patterns, sizes, and colors from the jute carpets variety available at Jaipur Rugs. Let’s look into a few of our favorite picks from the range of jute rug Dubai.

Hand Knotted

Hand-knotted jute rugs can be the ultimate investment as these are superior in terms of their look, quality and authenticity. Explore the Hula range at Jaipur Rugs for the best designs in jute bedroom carpets that promise to bring vibrancy to a space.

Flat Weaves

Flat weave round jute rugs can bring to a room matchless sophistication with this premium material. These collections of flatweave jute rugs range from simple gradients to subtly talking patterns.

Hand Loom

Handloom jute rugs can jazz up the sense of luxury inside your homes with expert crafting, and fine yarns are woven together to curate a story in the space.

How to Know if Jute Rugs are a Good Option for Your Space?

Jute rugs prove their worth not only with their elegant look but robust set of properties as well. It’s an excellent option for any room as the material is easy to clean, breathable, and has a versatile look. Our jute rugs can be paired with any design theme to enhance their essence.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Natural Jute Rugs?

Natural jute rugs from Jaipur Rugs promise to give any room a story. Rather than simply lying on the floor, the collection of these decor elements narrates its design story and gives your room a theme. You can easily pick from a wide range of home and office carpets, from muted grey to bold blue tints. Find the best match based on the design language you’re aiming to add.



Is jute a good rug material?

Amongst the trendy picks in floor decor are jute rugs. It’s a popular choice due to its inbuilt strength and natural shine. These can be composed of fine and soft rugs to offer comfort in your home.

Are jute rugs out of style?

Jute rugs are returning to the trend with their decorative essence and durability. One of the primary reasons for the resurgence in these styles is the sustainability factor involved in their making. Composed of natural fibres, these can be used as outdoor rugs or brought inside the home for an elegant look.

What is the most common feature of Round Jute Rugs?

One of the most significant features of round jute rugs is that the designs make the space look bigger. The jute rug Dubai designs bring a contemporary edge to the area, and the organic shape breaks the rigidity of the geometric rooms.

Is a jute rug suitable for a living room?

Jute rugs serve well not only in living rooms but also in other spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, and outdoor areas. Jute also serves as office carpets owing to the versatile nature of the material.

Are jute rugs suitable for a kitchen?

Jute rugs are an excellent choice to be brought to your homes. The tough material of a jute carpet makes it the best fit for kitchens where it can withstand rough use and high traffic. This quality also makes it suitable for hallways.

How long does jute carpet last?

A jute carpet is composed of natural material which is highly sturdy. These jute fibres can make the entire design last long for years without causing single damage to the fabric. It’s an excellent investment that promises to stay for a long time with you.

Rugs Price
pdjt-09 red and orange flat weaves Rugs AED 860
pdjt-117 ivory flat weaves Rugs AED 1,050
pdjt-260 blue flat weaves Rugs AED 1,740
pdjt-120 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs AED 860
gi-07 blue flat weaves Rugs AED 1,740
gi-07 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs AED 3,490
pdjt-187 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs AED 260
pdjt-119 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs AED 1,720
pkhm-15 grey and black hand knotted Rugs AED 2,830
px-03 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AED 1,740
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Jaipur rugs

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