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grey rugs

Classic and considered, black & grey are timeless colors. They are stylish, unobtrusive and work best when combined with other colors, but can also be used in various shades for a tonal look.


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Why should you opt for a grey rug?

Rugs are said to tie a room together. They can be used to reinforce the theme of a room or to add contrast to it. When you’re buying one for a living room or office space, it is important to choose something that isn’t too extravagant or vibrant. A rug is often a point of focus in the room and so it is good to use a subtle shade when using one for a space that is both private, and formal. Classic shades in somewhat muted tones are usually the most ideal, and of all the cool muted tones like blue, slate, or turquoise and the likes, grey strikes the perfect balance between personal and professional. Nothing says luxury like the tranquil presence of a mysterious silvery grey rug.

How to style a grey rug?

Something as classic as a grey rug can be styled in countless ways. It can be used to contrast, complement, or tone down a decor theme. Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from:

Use a grey rug near a texture painted wall:

A classic and visually neutral tone rug such as a grey rug brings a subtle taste to a space without becoming the center of attention. Using a grey rug will help in spreading out the attention across all the decor of a room, such as textured and designer-painted walls. A wall that has a textured look oozes easy elegance and calmness and can make for a wonderful canvas for decor, and a grey rug will definitely complement the complete look.

Use silvery and metallic toned decor accessories:

Grey rugs may sound a little boring at first, given the neutrality of the color, but in reality, grey can have as diverse shades as any other color. A silky silver rug can give life to any living space. Piece the shiny rug with metallic furniture and decor and you have a room that reeks of luxury and sophistication.

Use wood accents and slate grey tones for a relaxed theme

Slate grey tones do tend to look a little cold, but instantly warm up into a warm rustic aesthetic when used with natural wood furniture and accents. A grey rug can be used to add texture to such a setting and make it look and feel more relaxed. Use more quiet colors, that seem to speak, than loud colors that seem to shout, for the upholstery of your furniture to add a relaxed character to your space.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy grey rugs?

Each of Jaipur Rugs’ UAE carpets and rugs is proof of a legacy and trust that we have brought from and to the weaver communities in India. The rugs that our skilled artisans from villages in rural India weave are an expression of their voices and stories. That, with our modern and high-end technicality in the designing and finishing of our rugs, ensures that our products stay on the higher side of perfection, always. We take great pride in our endeavor and ability to empower our artisans by providing the most excellent rug and carpet products. Your complete satisfaction in purchasing Jaipur Rugs products is our topmost priority. Our hassle-free returns and free delivery across the UAE ensure that you will get the best possible service experience.

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