cotton rugs

Cotton is the most trusted and commonly used fabric. It is used in flatweaves like dhurries and kilims, making it a flexible choice of décor that can be used and stored easily. Cotton breathes, is washable and is used indoors.

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cotton rugs

Why buy cotton rugs

For those who like to keep their home decor-fuss-free and sustainable, cotton rugs have long been a favored choice. They fit well into boho and country-style decor themes in the kitchen, porches, and other transitional spaces. Cotton area rugs are also a fantastic option if you are looking for a budget-friendly home decor update. Cotton is a natural fiber plant derived from the cotton plant. It is a renewable and biodegradable alternative that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. And as far as incorporating them in your home decor goes, they make for the perfect material for a lush underfoot feeling as their fibers are soft and strong. Cotton carpets are easy to clean as they are made from a very lightweight fiber. And at Jaipur Rugs UAE, we bring you exciting, unique, and exquisite options to buy cotton rugs online in a gamut of styles, patterns, and colors for all home decor types.

What are the benefits of buying cotton rugs?

One of the easiest rugs to style, cotton rugs can fit into any and every space. You can explore cotton area rugs on Jaipur Rugs for a variety of patterns and color themes. They can be used to create makeshift hangout spots in your big room or a reading nook in your living room. If you are looking to buy cotton rugs online for a budget-friendly home decor update, they will come in all exciting options for you to experiment with without regretting it. During cooler months, you can layer cotton rugs with thicker carpets to add texture and volume to your room. If you are still not convinced about cotton rugs and cotton area rugs:

  • They are one of the most cost-friendly options if you are not looking to make a splurge right away. The faster process of weaving cotton rugs lends to their affordability, one of its largest USPs.
  • Cotton rugs have a higher lifespan as they are more resilient to color bleeding as compared to other natural fiber rugs. All you have to remember is to use warm water when cleaning it and not hot water.
  • Cotton area rugs are easier to take care of as you can simply throw them into the washing machine without worrying about them wearing out. Cotton fibers hold on to each other stronger than other natural fibers and also have a high resistivity to enzymes that are present in most laundry detergents. It is also worth noting that most cotton rugs are made to withstand around 25 – 30 machine washes which are equivalent to the last five to eight years!

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy cotton rugs

Besides quality, trending styles and colors is one of our top priorities at Jaipur Rugs. This is why you will always find the trendiest collection of rugs beside the traditional ones. When you buy a rug from us, not only do you invest in buying an heirloom for your home decor but also help these artisans preserve this craft tradition and earn a living. Jaipur Rugs UAE strives to bridge the gap between rural Indian artisans and global customers who are invested in good design and ethical practices.

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