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Every home merits a distinct touch of flair and comfort, according to Jaipur. To give your living area a distinctive and fashionable touch, choose from the amazing selection of transitional, oriental, and natural rugs in our rug collection. Our transitional rugs are the ideal option if you're searching for something a little more contemporary. These carpets inject a dash of flare into every space with their strong shapes and vibrant colours. They will also survive for years because they are composed of natural fibres.Our range of Oriental rugs is unmatched for a more traditional aesthetic. These rugs combine elegance and beauty with exquisite Indian patterns and traditional Persian themes. You can discover something to suit your needs, whether you're searching for a classic piece to finish off your living room or a more complex piece to brighten up the hallway.

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Rugs and carpets can bring the ultimate spice to a space. Whether it's the outdoor rugs or carpets for a living room, these intricately designed fabrics can impart a one-of-its-kind aesthetics to the space and tie its look together. These rugs can effortlessly bind the different design elements with their flamboyant designs. Let’s look into the best carpets for sale.

Buy the Best Quality Carpets and Rugs Online in UAE

Paint a personalized picture on the flooring and bring a little drama to the space with your choice of rugs. Let the chosen carpet design take charge of the aesthetics and serve you with comfort as well.

You can opt for the premium-quality carpets online that don’t only promise longevity but also jazz up the interiors. Explore the variety offered by one of the most trusted brands of rugs and carpets. From simple modern designs to heavily ornate traditional patterns, you can pick the well-suited match from the carpets for sale.

Handmade Designer Rugs and Carpets from India

For an Indian touch to the home interiors, Jaipur Rugs is your one-stop choice. Explore a sea of options offered in handmade designer rugs and carpets. Carefully crafted with traditional weaving methods, Jaipur Rugs offers you an unparalleled range of designs.

Explore the Kairos range to complement the minimalistic theme or inject timelessness with the Mythos series of traditional rugs. You can either keep up with the straight geometry or break it with the soft round rugs.

Indian Rugs and Carpets, Made by Indian Designers

Drawing inspiration from India’s rich tradition and culture, several Indian designers collaborated with Jaipur Rugs and local artisans to present their ideas. Some renowned designers offering their style statement in carpet design are Kavi, Ashiesh Shah, Gauri Khan, etc.

While Kavi plays around with the theme of simplicity and subtleness in the carpets, the rugs offered by Gauri Khan in the Tattvam range are a play of intricate patterns. Explore the heritage range of Inde Rose rugs by Vinita Chaitanya and find the perfect match for your home.

Explore Various Styles of Carpets at Jaipur Rugs UAE

Jaipur Rugs can offer you the best range of carpets online. You can explore the variety offered in Modern designs or keep the aesthetics inclined towards a vintage theme. Let’s look into the several styles of rugs and carpets.


Modern rugs are all about fine material and subtle patterns. A contemporary color palette for rugs and carpets is all about pastel tones complementing modern decor. Explore the simplistic designs offered by Urban Pause by Kavi or pick something inclined towards vibrancy from the Hacienda range of rugs.


Traditional rugs and carpets are sure to bring a sense of nostalgia to the space. Pick from handwoven rugs offered by Jaipur Rugs that allow the confluence of modern living to happen with heritage patterns. Browse through the Akida and Acar range of traditional rugs for flamboyant patterns.


The transitional rugs let you balance modern designs with traditional patterns. While the base tone is kept muted, the patterns take the lead in Someplace in the Time range offered by Jaipur Rugs. The Imara series of carpets offers intricate designs in a cool color palette for the sense of transition from cultural to a little contemporary.



Which carpets are famous?

There are endless designs offered in carpets for every room. From bedroom carpets to office rugs, the most popular choices for carpets Dubai play with colours, textures, and patterns. You can choose from monochromatic to heavily ornate traditional carpet designs.

What carpet color is most popular?

The color palette for rugs in UAE can vary from neutral tones to vibrant shades like red, yellow, or blue.

Which carpet lasts the longest?

The durability of carpets is based on their material and weaving methods. Among the most sturdy options are nylon carpets, jute rugs, and woollen carpet designs.

What kind of rug should I get for my living room?

The best carpets for living room are the ones composed of thick fibers. While you pick a strong material, also consider opting for an apt size for the rugs.

How much should a good carpet cost?

You can get good carpets online in UAE from prices starting at INR 1,500 and going as high as INR 48,00,000.

What are the 3 basic styles of rugs?

The variety offered in rugs Dubai is modern, traditional, and transitional rugs. Each design is composed of its own unique characteristics and induces a distinct feel to the space.

What is the most common carpet material?

Nylon and wool are the most common materials used to make distinctly designed rugs and carpets.

What are the different sizes available in carpets?

The basic size for carpets in Abu Dhabi is 2’x3’ and the size can go up to 12’x18’ to match the unique spatial requirements.

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