yellow rugs

Bright and cheerful, yellow is the optimist’s color of choice for its bold and sunny effect. It is a naturally energizing color, especially in its brighter forms. Rich yellows are more nurturing than stimulating.

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yellow rugs

Use yellow rugs to bring warmth and energy to your living spaces

The color yellow has always been associated with all things positive. Optimistic, energetic, joyful, and happy, Yellow is a fresh reminder of the summer season and offers visual respite to the eyes when added to home decor. Yellow tones add vibrancy, warmth, and even contrast to a living space when styled well. And with a whole plethora of yellow rug designs at Jaipur Rugs, you will be left spoilt for choice.

Nothing beats the brilliant and bright look that adding a yellow carpet brings to the room. When styling yellow rugs for your living space, you will be surprised at their versatility. Besides adding a pop of color to the room, a yellow rug in an interesting design can act as a great focal point, and can even be a point of conversation itself. We, at Jaipur Rugs UAE, have a large selection of yellow rugs that runs the gamut from basic solid rugs in different tones and hues of yellow, to exquisite Manchaha rugs that are designed by our weavers themselves. From soft shaggy rugs and authentic flatweaves to intricate hand-knotted and wondrous hand-loomed rugs, there is hardly a make that you will not find with us.

How to style yellow rugs

If the lack of styling ideas is why you haven’t used a yellow rug for your space, then we have some solutions and inspiration from you. We have a list of design types that you can use for your home or office. As said earlier, a yellow rug is easier to style than it may appear at first, and these ideas will explain why.

Moroccan rugs: Moroccan-style trellis rugs are quite a popular trend, and adding a yellow shade of these design types to your home will add more light and brighten your space. These are perfect if you are just starting to experiment with yellow rugs in the decor of your space.

Round rugs: A round rug can be a fresh addition to any space, and when it's in a bright and warm shade like yellow, it will make your decor space seem symmetric and harmonious. Such a rug will also work well for small dining as well as living areas. You can look for round yellow rugs on our web store or get one customized in the shape, size, and make of your choice.

Abstract designs: An abstract design can is not just for experienced decorators, but also if you are new to using vibrant rugs. Abstract designs rugs don’t always have to be complex, and can instead be modern and minimalist in nature. Such a rug will work in any space, from nurseries and children’s rooms to art studios or study rooms to get the creative juices flowing.

Solid rugs: A basic solid rug is a good idea if you are just foraying into using vibrant colors for your space. Jaipur Rugs UAE has solid rugs available in many color tones of yellow, and indifferent makes and materials.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy yellow rugs

We at Jaipur Rugs, are not only ahead of industry trends when it comes to rugs and carpets, but we are also known globally for the highest quality of rugs which our highly skilled artisans weave in India. Our motto at Jaipur Rugs has never been to just sell you rugs, but to get you to experience a family’s blessing. With our rugs, you bring home a set of stories woven by the weavers at the same time as you support their livelihood and sustenance. Jaipur Rugs is a platform to highlight and acknowledge the talent and hard work of these artisans and present it on a global stage. With amazing discounts, free delivery to your doorstep, all across the UAE, and processing of hassle-free returns, Jaipur Rugs has made owning a rug easier for everyone.

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