Red Rugs

Confident and bold, red is associated with passion, action and energy, while orange is warm and welcoming. Bright reds and oranges are good for rooms associated with action, and darker shades are grounded and exotic. Read More


red rugs

Red rugs

Red is a color that is associated with many things. It is most popularly known to depict love, anger, and passion, but is also associated with life, health, vigor, and courage. But when it comes to home decor, red strongly makes for a luxurious, vibrant, and plush aesthetic for a space that no other color can deliver. Red can have many different hues and saturations that you can choose from. Red is one of the primary colors in the palette of traditional Persian and Oriental design rugs. Royal designs that fit beautifully are often accompanied by golden, maroon, brown, and the likes and make for a grand and luxe palette for decor.

But for we—at Jaipur Rugs—our designs in red extend quite beyond just traditional and royalty-like designs. Our red rugs collection is as diverse as it can get. From modern hand-tufted pieces and fluffy shag rugs in bold red tones to one-of-a-kind Manchaha rugs designed by our artisans and exquisite designer rugs, as well as low-maintenance dhurries, we have it all. When you explore red rugs with us, you can be sure that you won’t have to limit yourself to a certain decor theme and are free to explore a diverse range of designs. With Jaipur Rugs, the options truly are endless

How to style red rugs in your living space:

Even though red rugs are a versatile accessory and quite easy to style for most decors, the sheer amount of choice on our website store can be overwhelming. As such, you can make changes in our website filters and tweak them according to whichever material, design, or size that you are looking for. You can change these filters according to the requirements of your decor. If you are still a little confused or just need some inspiration, then here are some pointers on how to style your red rugs in your home

Walls and furniture: If you are decorating your room from scratch, and have already decided on a red rug for decor, then we suggest that you choose a wall color that creates a neutral, balanced background. You can add accents to the walls by choosing one of the prominent colors from the rug and painting one or more walls in that shade. When doing this, make sure that your walls don’t reflect the red of your rug as it takes all the attention away. We also suggest opting for minimalist furniture and using throw pillows that feature other shades of red in their accent designs.

Look for the secondary colors: Using the secondary colors from your rug is the easiest way to make your rug feel at home. Nude tones of shades like cream, beige, or even vibrant shades like blue, green, orange can be used to add accents. When doing this, choose the colors that you like the best and use them to tie the room together. You can even use artwork that has a similar color palette.

Centerpiece: A red rug is the perfect decor item to use as a centerpiece in a living room, but needs some thoughtful styling. You can place your seatings and furniture around the rug while using hanging decor or flower vases so that the room doesn’t look empty. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy red rugs?

Each of our creations is the result of the hard work and blessings of our highly skilled weaver artisans. Jaipur Rugs’ artisans from rural India are skilled in the craft of rug and carpet weaving. The rugs they create are no less than artworks. Jaipur Rugs celebrates their talents and acts as a platform to bring together the artisans and the homeowners, designers, and decorators, who are connoisseurs of their artwork. We, at Jaipur Rugs, provide free home delivery of these masterpieces and many value-added services, all across the UAE.

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