viscose rugs

Bamboo Silk mimics the look and feel of silk and is considered its cost-effective substitute. It also possesses anti-microbial properties, making the home a healthier place with a cost-effective rug.

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viscose rugs

Buy the best quality viscose rugs online

Viscose rugs are a favorite of interior designers and homeowners because of their wide variety of designs and premium-looking colors. Their soft and shiny looks and versatile designs add a very elegant touch to home interiors. But what really is viscose? It is a thin fiber that is derived from wood pulps. The wood pulp is treated with chemicals and then turned into yarn. Despite being derived from wood pulp, viscose is not really a natural fiber. It goes by many names like china silk, artificial silk, or even art silk. Jaipur Rugs is turning viscose into a new avatar by using this wondrous yarn to make the most beautiful and amazing rugs and carpets. Our collections are made keeping a global and cosmopolitan consumer in mind and are sure to become your most favorite decor in the house. With bespoke alluring designs and dreamy color palettes that are impossible to take your eyes off, our viscose rugs are designed to get you the best makeovers.

Why are Viscose rugs so popular?

Viscose rugs are on rising and are getting more popular by the day amongst interior designers, home stylists, and homeowners alike. Their marvelous sheen and the shine that imitates that of silk rugs is making them a coveted item of decor. To the unaccustomed eye, viscose rugs and silk rugs are quite difficult to tell from each other, and this too is a reason for the popularity of the viscose rug, which is quite affordable when compared with silk rugs. They are also quite easy to clean and maintain and can be used for bedrooms and living rooms as well. They are also quite durable and can take high-traffic areas easily as well such as corridors or hotel lobbies or retail stores. Since viscose carpets are easier to produce, they are easily available in a wide range of designs and come in a number of shapes and sizes. Jaipur Rugs designs come in all sorts of styles such as classic, solids, abstracts, or traditional, and within budgets. So if you are searching for a rug that will give your space a makeover, but yet not put a hole in your pocket, a viscose pocket is right up your alley. Their stunning colors and patterns and beautiful sheen will add a whole new dimension to your space, and if decorated well, it will also highlight and uplift the other aspects of the room.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs to buy viscose rugs?

We, at Jaipur Rugs UAE, ensure that there is always some sort of balance between all the aspects that we work toward. Be it rug quality, the livelihood of our artisans, or the absolute satisfaction of our customers, we ensure that they all remain balanced and in fact complement each other. We believe in offering a level of service that is unparalleled and will surely deliver your chosen rug to your doorstep no matter where you are in the UAE. We offer services like free delivery and process hassle-free in case you are not 100% satisfied with our product. Our relationship with our customers does not end after delivery, and we assure you that we will assist you with all your rug-related needs for the future as well.

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Jaipur rugs

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