kilim rugs

A traditional rug style with a flat-weave construction and frequent geometric patterning is the kilim. These traditional carpets are a great option for any home's décor because they are available in a number of hues. Every taste is catered to in Jaipur's collection of kilim carpets, which range from vivid and striking to delicate and understated. Since each of our kilim carpets is hand tufted, extreme care and attention to detail are put into its creation. To make sure that your rugs lasts for many generations, we only use the highest quality wool. The wool is painstakingly dyed to produce brilliant hues that will give any area a special touch. After then, the wool is tufted into the rug to add texture. So browse Jaipur's collection of hand tufted rugs and wool rugs today if you're searching for a distinctive way to bring a bit of elegance to your house.

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kilim rugs

What is a kilim rug?

Kilim carpets are renowned for their beautiful patterns, which enhance the appearance of interior spaces. Even the most lifeless room may be instantly transformed into a sunny paradise when space is mixed with an outstanding Kilim rug's remarkable designs and vivid color schemes. It's essential to comprehend what a kilim rug is, nonetheless, before you style them in your room.

Weaving has a long and illustrious history in Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. This legacy is what gives rise to kilims. Kilim area rugs are characterized as having a flat or simple weave. Due to their lack of piles, kilims have a different feel from other carpets. Because there are no mounds, they require less time and materials to create.

Browse through our extensive collection of kilim rugs for sale featuring everything from your traditional area rugs to kilim runner rugs and more.

Refurbish your home with our beautiful designer kilim rugs


With their sleek designs, abstract motifs, and freeform elements in various eye-catching color combinations, our modern kilim rugs add a creative edge to any coastal or urban space. Modern blue kilim rugs with a minimal design look great with various contemporary and classic themes.


With the help of our traditional red kilim rugs, add a dash of grace and coziness to change any space's look completely. Vintage kilim rugs strive to evoke the same timeless, nostalgic mood of yesteryear by incorporating complex floral motifs, decorative borders, a faded texture, and symbols with profound natural and heritage relevance. Traditional Kilim rugs 8x10 are a great pick to unify your old-school bedrooms.


Most transitional kilim runners and carpets have a relaxed, all-encompassing appeal because they combine traditional rug patterns with modern carpet colors. Transitional round kilim rugs can add individuality to living spaces and complement a wide range of home decor styles because of their versatility.

How should you style a kilim rug?

You can browse and shop kilim rugs online of any style, whether they are ancient, vintage, or modern, depending on your available area. Kilim rugs are used as floor coverings and wall hangings to contribute to the room's contemporary feel. Kilim rugs are adaptable. Kilim bedroom rugs look lovely as a bedside accent and anchoring piece. You can play with the colors of kilim rugs to give your living room a new creative edge. Use grey rugs and white rugs with other vibrant colors or subdued pallets for a more cohesive look. Jute rugs are also great for layering with kilim rugs. These can be used as carpets inside or outside. You can put them in your family or children's room, and you can even style outdoor kilim rugs to unify furnishings on the patio or backyard.

Why buy kilim rugs from Jaipur Rugs UAE?

It takes only a few minutes to purchase carpets and runner rugs online from the convenience of one's home. You may choose from a wide selection of bedroom floor carpets at Jaipur Rugs that come in various materials, designs, styles, and shapes. You don't have to worry about your home's decor because these carpets are simple to include or utilize as a stunning contrast. The other pieces of furniture can be positioned around the kilim carpet, which can also be chosen as the primary choice.

Also, we provide custom rugs if you want something unique. For the convenience of our customers, we also offer free delivery and hassle-free returns. Online shopping is stress-free with Jaipur Rugs, thanks to secure payment methods.



How can you tell if a rug is a kilim?

In contrast to other carpets, Kilim rugs include tapestry weaves, also known as weft-faced placed weaves. The vertical warp strands are concealed by the tight downward pulling of the horizontal weft strands, which mimics the classic kilim weave pattern.

How durable are kilim rugs?

With proper upkeep and care, Kilim rugs can last about ten years.

How do you clean a kilim rug?

Spills should be immediately cleaned up with water and mild detergent. Chemical cleaners should not be used since they cause discoloration. Use cold or lukewarm water to avoid shrinkage and damage for spills or stains.

Can you vacuum a kilim rug?

Indeed, you can. Regularly vacuum your kilim rugs to avoid dust accumulation at a low setting.

Rugs Price
lca-21 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AED 5,820
stpl-13 multi hand tufted Rugs AED 1,740
80227jz multi hand tufted Rugs AED 1,200
pdjt-09 red and orange flat weaves Rugs AED 860
hwb-1001 beige and brown hand loom Rugs AED 9,410
lca-05 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs AED 7,120
hwb-1001 blue hand loom Rugs AED 2,090
makt-97 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AED 6,970
lca-03 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AED 11,640
lca-2351 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AED 4,310
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Jaipur rugs

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