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You know you're gearing up for festivals when the streets are lit up with glittering lights, and every edge is decorated with rangoli. The festive vibes can be more intense when you adorn your home in bright colors, gleaming golds and reds. Designer carpets and rugs from Jaipur Rugs will add to the festive vibes and make your space feel homey and inviting. Say hello to the softest and comfiest home decor made with the best materials. The designer carpets, rugs, and best Diwali mats from Jaipur Rugs are handcrafted in India, making them truly one of a kind.

Diwali & Navratri Offer 2022: Buy Carpets Online

Buying a rug for the house can be fun, and what better way to get started than by indulging in the festive season with exciting offers for handmade rugs? Jaipur Rugs has come with a wide range of offers on handmade rugs. You won't find anything as good or affordable as this offer in any other store. Do not miss out on such a huge deal! Grab them before they get gone!

You can find rugs and carpets for sale at Jaipur Rugs India, available on special Diwali & Navratri offers. These offers include rugs and carpets along with Diwali mats online in India in every style and genre, including modern and traditional rugs, solid and patterned rugs, wool, silk, and jute rugs in vibrant colors and muted tones, and rugs made by well-known designers. Each category has carpets for sale, so you can narrow your search to match your budget.

This Diwali, Decorate your home with our designer carpets and rugs

Decorating your living room with bold colors is a great way not to make it feel too formal. An instant way to turn your space more vibrant is by adding bright-coloured designer rugs or carpets for the living room underneath the coffee table.

Choose single-color designer Diwali rugs to create an instant color splash under your dining table. Make a statement by adding colored designer rugs and have them all laid out on your dining room floor. You can choose a bold hue for the centerpiece, like yellow or another bright shade that works well with your wall colors.

When you invite guests over for your home-cooked meal but want it to feel formal enough without compromising upon the festive mood, place one or two colorful designer carpets underneath the table in front of the chairs. So, when your guests walk in, they are met with bright shades on the floor to welcome them. You can choose designer Diwali carpets in bright hues like yellow or other eye-catching colors that you can use as home decor.

Grab Navratri Special Offer available on Designer Carpets & Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs

Get the festive spirit at your home for Navratri with these handmade rugs available at Navratri special discount. Not only will it add a dash of color, but it will also make your home more beautiful. Browse our extensive range of handmade designer rugs featured on Navratri special offers, which means you can grab up to 60% off. You can search for various designs and patterns like floral patterns, geometric patterns, Moroccan prints or any other pattern you desire.

Rugs Collection - Types of Diwali Carpets & Rugs

Traditional Rugs:

The traditional design will bring the festive season into your living room while also making it warm and inviting. Choose traditional rugs wisely from our 10,000 plus designs and shop the best designer carpet for Diwali on exciting offers.

Floral Rugs:

Remodeling your home with floral rugs is one way to take part in the celebrations while adding a contemporary spin. Use vibrant rugs bursting with gorgeous floral patterns to provide just the right amount of punch to your home furnishings.

Modern Rugs:

During this festival, ditch the neutral hues, conventional forms, and simple patterns in favor of a fresh combination of designs and shades for striking interior decor with the most incredible modern rugs.

Round Rugs:

Anchor your room with brightly coloured round rugs that have been expertly hand-tufted in wool and contrast with the color palette of your decor for an elegant yet traditional Indian interior design. The eclectic palette of warm, jewel-toned colors will be a modern take on the Diwali colors.

Kilim Rugs:

If the focal point of your living area isn't something to talk about, the eccentricity you discover in your home's decorating will appear lacking this Diwali. Kilim rugs may help because they give a lot of oddity to one piece of furniture. Add one of these rugs to your living room along with some best carpets for Diwali, and then let the eye-catching designs and distinctive typography do the talking.

Shag rugs:

Any space in your home can feel cozier by adding one of our plush shaggy rugs. Since they provide exquisite warmth to your floor, whether used alone or layered over another rug for other beauty, shag rugs are a great choice as the best rugs for Diwali.

Best Diwali Offers and Discounts at Jaipur Rugs

More than 10,000 carpets, 100 different styles, and 1000 different colors are all discounted up to 60% at Jaipur Rugs, with special offers available throughout Navratri and Diwali. The sale will feature a variety of rugs, including rugs and carpets that are hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand loomed, and flatweave. Design enthusiasts can take advantage of these discounts and shop Diwali rugs from the Jaipur Rugs online store. In addition to the savings, we also provide value-added services like free shipping and a two-year warranty on our products.



What type of Diwali rugs are in fashion?

Handmade rugs are pretty famous for Diwali since the intricacies of handicrafts brighten up the space during the festival of light. Also, Diwali marks the advent of winter, so woolen rugs are a great pick to adorn your homes and offices this festive season.

What are the trendy colors of Carpets for Diwali?

The trendy colors of carpets for Diwali include a diverse spectrum of warm, jeweled colors that span from vivid shades like orange, rust, and gold brown to poppy and vivacious deep blue, emerald, and gold.

Where can I buy the best Navratri carpets online in India?

The best Navratri carpets in India may be found online at Jaipur Rugs, a superb store. We provide top-notch handmade rugs to help our consumers get into the holiday mood.

What type of carpets can be used for the Navratri festival?

Traditional rugs are the best to style your place with for Navratri. From the beautiful rectangular rugs brimming with oriental patterns to round rugs adorned with floral motifs, the traditional rugs align with the festive vibe. Moreover, their rich colors make your space more warm and welcoming.

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