Project 901

An epitome of elegance garbed with the slightest hint of plush, Farah created a dream out of four walls. Her exemplary vision transformed an unadorned space into a breathtaking realm of design and textures.

Farah’s Vision

In a house full of nude over tones, Farah splashes bright prints on dark bases to break the monotony and yet stay classy. The whole interior embraces simplicity and still manages to look creatively sublime. A clear embodiment of sophistication and suave, every nook and corner of this enchanting abode radiates refined panache.

The Confines

Structure is the backbone of any design but it is only evident when you use it to power. The uninterrupted flow of the house from room to room presents a free rein to explore its fine lines. The delicate glamour emerging from the placement of interlinking mirrors is testament to the fact that the structural opportunity was identified and used up to the brink.

The Rugs

Farah’s impeccable eye for design helped her pick rugs that were diverse in colors and patterns but complemented each other from inch to inch. The intriguing prints and patterns she chose looked splendid individually but unveiled resplendence when layered with each other. The classic combination of Wool with materials like Bamboo Silk and the fascinating texture of the rugs added flair to the minimalistic base of the rooms.

The Color Scheme

The enamoring blend of nude colors with grey over tones gives the space a modest demeanor. However, it saves itself from being basic by the frequent yet limited splurge of bright prints. The immaculate balance between the light and dark hues isn’t just an eye but a soul pleaser. Remarkable art pieces and statement furniture work together for the added charm of the mystique homestead.

Designer’s Insight

Being an artist at heart, Farah chooses rugs on the basis of the size and the primary design concept being followed with the theme but finds solace in adding colors, textures and depth to a place. When finding the right one becomes a task, she prefers adding layers to them. She also tries to use riveting prints and various shapes in rugs. Eclectic being the style inspo for this one, she decided to explore colors and patterns.

Pic Credit - Yash R Jain | Styling - Samir Wadekar

Farah's Top Picks
Jaipur rugs

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