Fibers & Material

The quality of a rug is measured differently for each weaving technique. A common starting point for determining qualities is by the fibers used, then picking out a weaving style.


Sheared from sheep, this fiber is the most associated with rugs for its sheer durability, sustainability and texture!

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Just saying the word silk is used to describe the softness and smoothness of any material. This royal fiber is so desired that it comes with a matching price tag.

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Bamboo Silk/Viscose

Also known as artificial silk, this fiber is often misinterpreted to be unnatural. Not only is it natural, it mimics silk in texture and is more cost effective!

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These rough and tough natural fibers bring a lot more to the table than their raw look and texture. They can be brilliant choices for spaces that would be otherwise unloved.

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Synthetic fibers, Cotton & Linen are familiar to most as they are widely used, but can also bring in interesting qualities to rugs.

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Find the right rug for you.

The fiber used to weave a rug affects its look and feel. It also has an impact on the durability of a rug, and the uses it’s suited for.

Rug Type Texture Durability Sustainability
Wool Medium High High
Silk Soft Average High
Viscose/ Bamboo Silk Soft Low/ Average Low
Jute/Hemp Coarse Average High
Synthetic Soft High Low
Cotton Soft Average High
Linen Coarse to Medium High High
Jaipur rugs

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